Last updated: September 2020

What does Artificial Intelligence mean for our collective decision-making? How does automation affect geopolitics and how will policy-makers respond?

I am fascinated by the impact of emerging technologies on society and often ask myself questions like the ones above. By answering these, my goal is to understand how the legislative environment should evolve to make the most of technological progress. I keep the big picture in mind and always consider the potential reactions of civil society and the strategic value of multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Innovation has become the key driver of growth – and it drives really fast: entire industries are now wiped out a few decades after their appearance. Regulatory frameworks worldwide are overwhelmed by ever more cutting-edge products and services. The key challenge for technology policy-makers is to develop adaptable guidelines balancing business with fairness and growth with safety.

To help policy professionals and governments tackle these issues, I merge system thinking with a passion for disruptive technologies and socioeconomic dynamics. Combined with hard work and a dash of entrepreneurship, these enable me to bring people truly together to accomplish projects greater than themselves. Here are a few examples of what I have been up to lately.

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